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About FDC

Fontana Democratic Club is officially chartered through the San Bernardino County Democratic Party
We meet the fourth Saturday, every month, at Baja California.

The Fontana Democratic Club has been a longstanding organization in the City of Fontana. Founded in the 1930's, FDC has been involved in the growth and prosperity of Fontana as it grew from an agriculture to an industrial community. FDC has a strong history of fighting for civil rights, economic and social justice, as well as on behalf of residents or marginalized communities. Through these efforts, Fontana has become a majorly Democratic community and more enriched through this diversity.

  • The City of Fontana has 79,173 registered voters

  • 39,588 of registered voters in the City of Fontana are Democrats

  • This past election cycle, 57,380 of registered voters casted a ballot

  • 38,152 registered voters chose the Democratic nominee and rejected Trump's agenda

Use our paper application to register and join our club. Please complete and bring to the next scheduled club meeting with your dues.


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