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About FDC

Fontana Democratic Club is officially chartered through the San Bernardino County Democratic Party
We meet the fourth Saturday, every month, at Baja California.

Democratic Clubs are grassroots organizations for Democratic activists interested in voter registration, issue advocacy, working to elect local candidates, and socializing with like-minded neighbors. Clubs generally are organized around one or more of the following: geography, demography, or communities of interest. Membership is open to all registered Democrats who support the principles and values of the Democratic Party.


Meet the members who make up the Fontana Democratic Club Executive Board

Rafael Trujillo

Rafael has served as President of the club since 2015.

Kareem Gongora

Vice President
Kareem has served as Vice President since 2015.

BarBara L. Chavez

BarBara has served as Treasurer since 2013.

Mark Schulte

Mark has served as Parliamentarian since 2015.

Use our paper application to register and join our club. Please complete and bring to the next scheduled club meeting with your dues.


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