Dear Editor:

The following item is needed to be addressed to the citizens of Fontana.

I promised my wife before she died that I should say what I could on different items I have a deep concern for. She always said I should say my bit to keep in touch with the citizens of Fontana. I have always respected my wife’s wishes. She knew that I had a deep love for Fontana and things pertaining to it, especially historical items that kept me away from my family doing city business and concerns.

I am deeply worried about things at City Hall, and how they are being done. The city mayor and part of the council are not doing things as part of their job, and also the Planning Department and Commission. The mayor is acting like a dictator and the council, the part she controls, plus the Planning Commission and staff are her lackeys in the running of the city. The city is being run by the mayor, not by the council or staff that should be doing the running.

Needless to say, the big block buildings are not needed in such large numbers. Whole blocks of homes are being destroyed to make more room for them.

Many of the houses are in good condition and kept up to date, with a lot of older ones. I think the Planning Department is letting too many to be built and leave too many to be destroyed because of the mayor’s rule. Has the Planning Department been checking the ages of the buildings? All homes over 50 years old are considered to be historical. The Planning Department is supposed to check these things.

I have seen many old buildings torn down that were historic. There is a Spanish-style home that is in danger now in South Fontana that was moved to Fontana in 1941 for a Kaiser employee from Los Angeles. It should be saved and listed. There is a chicken ranch that should be recorded and saved. The city is not protecting its historical buildings. They should be recorded and reported as part of the city’s history.

The mayor is pushing to destroy our city’s past. Her two assistants on the council now help her when she commands them to.

Citizens of Fontana need to know how the city is being run. We voted for two councilmen, excellent, but they are outvoted by the mayor and her two friends on the council.

The mayor knows how many big block buildings are planned and being built. The people of Fontana would like to know how many and put in the paper.

The citizens of Fontana need to take control of the city by attendance at city meetings. You have to give your thoughts on things that need to be done.

John Charles Anicic Jr.


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