Dear Editor:

In spite of numerous citizens’ protests, Mayor Acquanetta Warren and two City Council members recently persevered in okaying the building of two more huge warehouses in South Fontana, where there are currently over 3 million square feet of empty warehouse space for rent or sale. This is not what the vast majority of our citizens wanted.

Perhaps the fact that the developer of those warehouses agreed to give the city a large lot, for the city to perhaps later develop into a park, was the reason those three voted for it? But nobody who understands the health problems created by diesel truck fumes will want to spend any/much time at any park placed in between warehouses!

The mayor claims that warehouses bring good-paying jobs to our area. However, if you actually research what the average California warehouse worker earns, this is not true. In fact, after paying rent, an average Fontana warehouse worker will have only about $800 left to pay for food, utilities, clothing, gas, car maintenance and insurance, medical insurance, etc. This is not a living wage, let alone a “good-paying” job, for the vast majority of those warehouse workers!

Those of us who have spent decades in Fontana are saddened by so many warehouses, where ranches and farms used to be. The fact that they have been (and continue to be) built against the majority of citizens’ wishes is unacceptable. There is an election coming up later this year. We will remember in November!

Darlene Willis Scalf




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