Posted: Thursday, August 20, 2015 9:12 am

Dear Editor:

In my role as vice president of the Fontana Democratic Club, I am actively looking at ways to support our local elected officials, especially when it comes to certain regional issues that will directly impact Fontana. At any rate, it is preferred to create sensible policy through open ended dialogue by engaging stakeholders.

I know we will not always agree when it comes to solving certain issues, which is the nature of policymaking, but we must have all point of views to make equitable decisions.

I applaud Fontana Councilmember Michael Tahan’s professionalism and his representation at SANBAG as well as support his stance on express lanes.

Express lanes will not only impact Fontana residents financially, but is a short term remedy for a long term issue, especially as our community will continue to grow, and we will continue to serve as a transportation corridor.

In regards to the disagreement with the mayor, I believe they are both passionate individuals who can work through this issue like they have done many times before. Fontana deserves a formidable unit that can disagree, but still continue to serve the people’s best interests.

Kareem Gongora


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