Dear Editor:

We were so happy to read the article by Andrea Vidaurre on Jan. 11 about the logistic centers wanting to build a lot of new warehouses in the Fontana/Bloomington area.

There are already so many warehouses that have taken or will take people’s homes. Some of these people have lived in their homes 50-60-70 years, and at an older age, where will they go?

All along Cedar Avenue and Slover Avenue in the Fontana/Bloomington area, warehouses have “popped” up, blocking the view of the mountains in some areas. Now they want to put seven new warehouses along Locust Avenue/Armstrong Road where homes, schools, parks, etc. were going!

Thank you Acquanetta Warren and Josie Gonzales for ruining our lives! You don’t care, you don’t live here; all you see is money. Soon there will be no Bloomington. Traffic is already bogging up the roads with trucks buying up the land too. Children walking along Santa Ana Avenue to Bloomington High School have to smell the diesel and parents driving are held up because of truck traffic.

I live below the high school and all the property from Alder to Cedar are in the plan to be warehouses. I will not sell even if it means I will be in the middle of warehouses; I don’t want to live in a senior complex. People moved to the little town of Bloomington so their children could experience rural life, raise a few animals, and now their children.

So many people are moving to Arizona. Hopefully San Bernardino County will not let this West Valley project pass.

Even if you don’t publish this, I got it off my chest. I am 83 years old.

Jo Ann Cullens


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