Dear Editor:

Fontana Unified School District Board members should vehemently oppose Uplift Fontana Charter School’s petition on Aug. 15.

Uplift Fontana is connected to a labyrinth of very low performing charter schools and affiliated organizations that provide virtual online courses for students.

Research has shown that virtual courses are ineffective and in five years, Uplift is looking to enroll 1,250 students, which would pull $14 million from our local schools. They’ve pledged to provide a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) school, but failed to show a potential lease agreement with a facility while not providing a WIOA certification guarantee either. In fact, they’re projecting to begin classes in August with 400 students.

As a parent, I would hope the Board of Education would retain those dollars and invest in our classrooms to support our talented teachers, students as well as parents.​

Lastly, the lead petitioner, Jason Schrock, currently serves as the CFO for Academics Arts and Action Charter which made a favorable donation to Inland Empire Business Alliance PAC in the amount of $40,000. On the surface, it appears that whoever received this favorable donation from this PAC may vote in favor of this charter school that will harm our community.

Kareem Gongora

Member, Committee of Bar Examiners

Chairman, SBCSS County Commitee of School District Organization

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