Dear Editor:

At least once a month someone on City Council, or a warehouse advocate, claims that warehouse jobs are great, in response to the cacophony of citizens who do NOT want more warehouses built in our city. The serious health affects caused by the diesel fumes from trucks is just one of the many reasons protesters cite, but there are so many other reasons.

According to various online researches, the average warehouse job in Southern California pays $26,485.75. (Some such jobs have decent benefits, others do not.)

Average costs per year for a single person in Southern California are:

• A one bedroom apartment in Fontana = $15,321 per year ($1,276 a month)

• Groceries come to $8,996 per year ($173 a month)

• Gas (at 11 gallons per week) comes to $1,916.20 a year (and rising)

• Medical insurance averages $2,400 per year (not including any deductibles, at an average of $200 per month)

• The above amounts do NOT include car expenses (licensing, repairs, payments), clothing, entertainment, etc.

When you add up the above yearly expenditures for a single worker, it equals $29,107.20, which means the average warehouse worker will be in the red for at least $3,000! This is not a living wage!

The only way a single worker can live on an average warehouse job is if s/he lives at home with mom and dad, or shares expenses with one or more roommates.

Our local high school students should be encouraged to go to college or trade school to qualify for much better jobs than the average warehouse worker makes. Thankfully, our Fontana schools do just that!

Darlene Willis Scalf




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