Dear Editor:

Fighting off this treacherous summer heat is one thing, but dealing with the extremely unhealthy levels of ozone pollution in our area is overburdening to residents dealing with chronic respiratory illnesses.

There were 145 days last year where ozone levels across the south coast exceeded the federal standard. That means more emergency room visits for families suffering from higher rates of asthma, respiratory health issues, and lung cancer.

This summer, as temperatures rise over the 100 degree threshold, it’s important we remember what contributes to this unbearable weather — fossil fuels.

The Inland Valley sees an increasing number of diesel trucks and logistics centers, all of which further pollute our air. With each day smoggier than the next, the view of our mountains disappears and our health deteriorates.

One thing is clear: we can not continue to depend on dirty fossil fuels.

Allen Hernandez


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